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Digital Pianos/Keyboards- Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Arias  
Pianos- Grands & Uprights- Yamaha, Pearl River, Jansen Accessories 

Band/Orchestra- Yamaha, Yamaha Allegro, Yamaha Advantage, Conn-Selmer-Bach-Ludwig, Holton-King-Armstrong, Rox-Renard, Glaesel Strings, Artley, Sonor-Orff, Studio 49, Kanstul, Rees Harpsicle Harps, High Spirits Flutes, Brassmate Mute Holders, 

Guitars/Amps/Basses/Ukes/Fretted - Yamaha, Seagull, Kala Ukes & Basses, Squire, Jackson, Blackheart, Eden, Daisy Rock, Line6, Marshall, Dean, Fender, Ampeg, Luna, Schecter, Traveler, Lag, Samick, Bill Lawrence, SWR, Dimarzio, Greg Bennett, Vox

Drumset/Percussion- Yamaha, Yamaha Electric, Remo, Ludwig-Musser, Roland Electric, Gibralter, Zildjian, Paiste, Evans, Latin Percussion, Black Swamp, Grover, Deagan, Roc n Soc, Treeworks, DDrum, Toca, Drum Workshop, Innovative

Sound Systems/Recording/Lighting - Yamaha, Electrovoice, JBL, Roland, Behringer, Furman, QSC, Crown, DOD, DBX, Shure, AKG, Audio-Technica, Rode Mics, Presonus, Telex, Boss, Digitech, Countryman, TC Electronics, Line6, Williams Sound, Chauvet Lighting 

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